July 24th, 2012

We know that apart from the wedding dress your guests are dying to see the wedding cake. They’ll ask themselves, How many layers will it have? What flavor will they choose? Will they have wedding toppers? Surprise your guests by ditching the traditional 4-layered chocolate cake with fondant, decorative ribbons and flowers.

If you’re looking to change things up with something other than cupcakes or cake pops here are some great alternatives to the traditional wedding cake:



Milk and Cookies




Ice Cream Table


Chocolate Covered Apple



What do you think about these delicious alternatives?

July 5th, 2012

This week’s top pick is style 3666. This popular mermaid dress is fun and sexy while still exuding elegance. It adds the right amount of drama and charm without being overbearing. You’ll be able to wow your guests but won’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable because you’ll still be able to dance the night away with your groom. 

Why I love it: It accentuates all of your natural curves and even though it is snug on the body the ruching camouflages your mid section. 

Perfect for: A bride that is looking to wow her groom as he gets his first glimpse of her as she graciously walks down the aisle. This dress is versatile and can work for a country chic or a city glam bride.

This ruched strapless sweetheart created from shimmer charmeuse is shown in ivory but is also available in white. The mermaid cut is accentuated with the pleated skirt and chapel train. And the finishing touch is the buttons down the back zipper that adds that hint of classic elegance to the look.

July 3rd, 2012

When you think of your dream honeymoon do you imagine yourself lying out on powdery white sand, hiking through a luscious forest or staying in your hotel room and ordering room service? My dream honeymoon needs to include taking a nap in a hammock by the beach and only waking up to have a sip out of my pineapple cocktail!

Why are honeymoons so important? It’s your time to finally relax from months and months of planning your wedding. It’s a break from having to check whether or not the vendor emailed you the finalized contract. It’s a time you get to explore and admire new landscapes. And most importantly, it’s a time where you and the love of your life get to create new memories.

I’ve included some pictures for you to drool over and help you decide where to go on your first trip as a married couple. 







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June 28th, 2012

A picture says a thousand words. And thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook your wedding pictures will be seen (and judged) by all of your family and friends and your guests’ family and friends. Which is why hiring a professional wedding photographer is vital.

This is one aspect of your wedding day where you do want to splurge.  You want the photographer to capture the bride and groom’s personality and ambiance throughout the day. You want to be so proud of your photos that you want to show them off to everyone (even if they didn’t ask to see them)!

Here are 5 tips to remember when hiring a photographer

Never assume- Just because you’ve looked at the photographer’s portfolio don’t assume that he/she will know what style you want him/her to capture. Look through the photographer’s portfolio and set up a meeting to discuss what you expect him/her to capture on your wedding day.

Personality matters- If you don’t like the photographer on a personal basis don’t hire him/her! It doesn’t matter that the photographer has the ability to capture amazing photographs if you’re not comfortable with the photographer your photos will reflect that.

Experience doesn’t always matter- Don’t get me wrong experience definitely matters, but previous customer experience also counts. You want to be comfortable knowing other couples have absolutely loved their experience with this photographer. Ask the photographer for previous clients’ contact information and don’t be shy about giving them a quick call.

Try and tray again- If you’re not 100% ecstatic with the first photographer meeting don’t worry, there are plenty of photographers to choose from. Meet and interview as many photographers as it takes for you to be completely satisfied with your decision.

Make a list-  Once you’ve hired a photographer create a list of shots you want the photographer to capture. This will help you to create a visual story you want the photographer to tell with the photos. From hanging the dress on the bedpost to a back shot of the two walking hand in hand, make sure to be specific on what you want.

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